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Hello, and welcome.
I am Arthur Cunningham.

I help people build enterprises so that they can make more money;
More money right now, and lots more money in the future . . .

I will show you HOW to build a successful business around YOUR OWN IDEAS!

I will help you win faster, better, and more often.

I will teach you how to gain true financial independence
so that you can do the things you really want to do in your lifetime.

With me as your mentor, the conversation never stops . . .

"I believe YOU are the only person who can
be the GURU to champion your endeavors"

Let me find your strengths and I will teach you how to build on them so you can conquer the real challenges that you want to achieve; now, and in the future.

In entrepreneurial decision making, I will take you from being on your back foot – to being on your front foot.

Whatever your next growth step in leadership is, whether you are:
• Wanting to start a new venture that is beyond your current experience;
• Looking to expand your present activities into the next level;
• Heading into uncharted waters – to do things that no one has ever done;
I can mentor you through the process that will ensure you develop the optimum enterprise solutions - solutions that will deliver the maximum progress and financial advantage for your endeavours.

I will teach you HOW to pull everything together in a way that answers the question, “What to do next?” I will teach you how to operate in a way that makes perfect sense to you, forever.

Welcome to my world of creating successful entrepreneurial business systems.

My relationship with you is a straight forward one:
You trust me with something that is very important to you. Something that you really value. And, I promise to give it back to you, at ANY point in time, in a better state than it was when you gave it to me – revealing know-how and opportunities in it that you couldn’t dream of seeing before.
That’s the promise I bring to the table.

If you have a great idea, I will teach you HOW to compete with the giants in your industry. Together we will develop your idea to be just as creative as theirs, as innovate as theirs, as original as theirs; then together we will build the right business system around your idea, so that step-by-step you will outgrow your competitors – making it a whole new ball game, where “YOU” can compete with the giants.

"I will teach you HOW to: Think REAL | Start SMALL | Grow FAST"

My ideas revolve around creating repeatable growth cycles in your business, moving you beyond the common economic barriers caused by debt – so that you can focus on using real capital to drive your business to real success.

To me, building business systems is all about entrepreneurial innovation implemented in achievable steps – rolling forward, with real-time financial insights. Having a system that enables you to increase your budget at every step, which is the only thing that will tell you that you are doing things right. This will keep you in the market with a never ending financial-based confidence.

When I build business systems for you
you can always count on the fact that my three watch points will be these:
Reality based | Achievable steps | Future proof

I am very comfortable working with problems that are bigger than you had hoped to have.

Know that I come with a stance looking for success in ways that are not limited by your sense of fear, failure, loss, inability, short comings, or any of the bad experiences that you may have had.

Give me your problems, and I will reconnect you to every opportunity that your enterprise has now, to build you a trouble-free future. The way I provide solutions will re-focus you upon success and growth in every channel you operate in, freeing up your time to breathe and live life again.

"Together – we can change the way your business happens, forever."

  • I am able to recognise what is enterprising, and what is not – therefore, I can help you clearly identify what will promote growth and profit in your current and potential business states;
  • I can teach you how to invent new opportunities – so that you can create innovative initiatives that will expand the prospects of your enterprise BEYOND YOUR PROBLEMS;
  • I will help you increase the efficiency and progress of your enterprise – by showing you how to implement practices that ensure your business activities more effectively achieve your long and short term goals;
  • I will develop enterprise solutions that will improve your operation – by teaching you how to organise your current resources to ensure your products and services are more marketable and more profitable;
  • I resolve problems – by working with you. So that together we can rectify any process or behaviour that hinders your enterprise from reaching its optimum performance, now and in the future.

Once you get these things right – the growth NEVER stops!
And you will never lack solutions ever again

If you are just about to leave university
and are looking to get a GREAT financial start in life;

Or maybe you are a very creative person
and you want to learn HOW to build a successful business

Or maybe things in life just haven’t worked out for you yet
and you are looking for a second CHANCE to start over again;

Or are you an educational institution
that needs a program that will equip your students
with the SKILLS to become successful entrepreneurs;

Or maybe you are a charity
wanting to build EXTRA streams of revenue
to fund your community aid work.

No matter what your situation is . . .
If you want to quickly learn HOW to START-UP and GROW your own business
so that you can MAKE your own MONEY . . . then my courses are for YOU!

I will teach you HOW to choose products and start up your own enterprise – And I will teach you HOW to:
• Work out your re-capitalization rates;
• Formulate your sales targets;
• Calculate your business growth rate;
• Manage your business holding accounts;
• Allocate your personal profits;
So that once you have got it all up and going you will be able to run it all by yourself.

Step-by-step I am going to show you HOW you can make this ALL work for you, in a business of your choice, selling a product or service of your choice.

Just as long as your GOAL is to MAKE MONEY, then the content in all my business courses will work for you.

The background story . . .

I grew up as a hardworking farm boy in remote New Zealand
and went on to cut it in some of the biggest cities around the world;

My father was my best mate
and I am counted by my son as great company;

I grew up loving hunting and fishing
and I am now a happy vegetarian;

From the age of 7 years old I trained martial art and Tai-Chi
and over the last 30 years, I have singlehandedly turned everything I learned into a non-profit organisation that has taught over 37,000 young people character development and moral ethics – producing 10 Masters who stand in their own right, having their own autonomous schools;

I left school as a non-academic
and everything I have done ever since has required me to write and use mathematical equations;

I was trained as a long-range precision rifleman
and in early adulthood turned around and became a mission-focused businessman and enterprise achiever . . . and now I am at heart a social entrepreneur.

I built my own business systems, and enterprise development methods; and I created my own money recapitalization systems (which I call, creating a money-stack); And, I perfected a financial targeting system that is based directly upon: the current activities vs the current performance.

On the one hand, I have a real passion for making money – while on the other hand I have extensive experience in building and servicing charitable organizations and Not-For-Profit Groups.

And, since I was 18 years old, every year, on my birthday, I chose to study a new subject, which I study for that year. Ranging from: studying the life of Albert Einstein; to learning lawn bowls; to tailoring; hang-gliding; even to studying the content management system (CMS), called Drupal, which I used to build this website.

So, what does all this mean as a keynote speaker?
Well, aside from business and enterprise development, and being extremely morally focused, I am able speak from a background that has its roots in some of the harshest experiences anyone is likely to meet – from how to survive and succeed against some of the toughest odds; to being entrusted with responsibilities greater than I ever have imagined.
As a result I have great friendships - being counted as a friend by people far greater and different than myself.

Ending up with me growing a HUGE community conscience . . .

. . . all of which gives me good foot, head, and heart space to speak from

Let me earn your trust, and I will earn your loyalty.
I will build a relationship with you that is built solely upon your interests.
A relationship that is built upon: I give – you get.

I don’t just create satisfied customers . . .
I create money-making champions

Ordinary people
with Extraordinary dreams

You know the one thing that amazes me the most about the people I meet, is that they ALL have incredibly innovative dreams.
Dreams that will transform themselves, and their lives;
And dreams of transforming their businesses;
Whether they are in sales, service, marketing, or management – or creating new start-up businesses;
Everyone has a dream that they are longing to achieve . . .

But the single thing that I notice that is missing the most is "HOW":
How are they going to get there?
How does the processes begin?
How do they make it all grow?
How are they going to deliver their innovations?
HOW will they create GREAT success?

Let your "HOWS" become my challenge;
And I will make it my business to make it all happen for you:
I will come with eyes looking for speed; targeting growth;
In ways that ensure your business is robust, yet agile and assertive;
Ensuring that in the real world your actual business catches up to your dreams;

So that you can keep innovating;
Turning your life into a financially rewarding adventure . . .

One that reflects your personality.