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Community Aid Projects

Currently, I have two active community aid projects that are in the creative stage - which I will freely give to any individual or organization who is interested in implementing these projects in the appropriate communities where they can be used to do the most good to help those who need it most:
1. Solo parent employment - in disaster areas
2. Rehabilitation Prisons - in a bid to STOP re-offending

These projects are creations that I invite members of the public to join-in and play a part in their further development and deployment.

This is a concept project that I have created to help offset some of the long-term social effects caused by disasters like earthquake, or tsunami, etc., that half-orphaned or fully-orphaned children in impoverished regions of the world.

The problem:
When a disaster like an earthquake, or a tsunami, strikes an impoverished region in the world, often many children who survive lose one or both of their parents. And, in most cases, it was due to them being apart at the time the disaster struck that they did not share the same fate as their parents.
And because the area is already impoverished, and the disaster further reduces the local economy, many of these children are often forced to accept conditions that are less than desirable – with their remaining parent, or new guardians, being forced to seek employment a long way from them and their home.
These and many other remaining conditions compound the stress levels of these already traumatised children.

The quest:
Is to find a way to locate the workplace of the remaining parent, or new guardians, next to the school of the surviving children.

The answer:
1. Approach international companies who manufacture product overseas, and enter into a joint venture with them – to have them establish a school and the work facility that manufactures their products at the same location;
2. Have the UN approach the parent nations of the international corporation to request taxation relief to the degree of the cost of the outlay to build the work facility and the school.

The resulting benefits:
1. The children no longer stress from being away from their remaining parent, or new guardians, freeing them from the fear of being apart, which was when they lost;
2. The international corporation gains a positive profile worldwide;
3. The nations of the international corporation will build added commercial links with the impoverished nation;
4. The international corporation gets cheaper products – due to the agreement made;
5. The parent nation gains greater international dollars into their economy, due to the product being more competitive globally;
6. The country that suffered the disaster gets their economy rebuilt;
7. The UN is fulfilling the role that it should.

The program:
The remaining parent, or new guardian that is employed in the work facility works 6 hours on and spends 2 hours assisting teaching their child/children in the adjoining school.

More information coming soon . . .

The concept is to change the output of prisons – through structuring the prison layout and systems in ways that educate criminals to taking greater and greater responsibility for their own outcome in life.

More information coming soon . . .

A vision for our world

To make the world a BETTER place and a SAFER place . . .

Here is a copy of my submission to the UN, in answer to their request to submit a YouTube video addressed the UN World Leaders, answering the question . . . "What can be done to make the world a BETTER place and a SAFER place?"

In 2010 the UN asked "WHAT" needs to be done?


Hello, I'm Arthur Cunningham.
I believe you, our world leaders, can all make this world a SAFER place, in a day - in a single act. And then, after that, we can all play our part in a new project that will quickly make this world a BETTER place.

So first, to make this world a SAFER place, I respectfully say: Let you, the leaders of our world, all come together, in a special assembly; and publicly stand-up as one, before all the peoples of this world; and put your hands on your hearts; and solemnly pledge, to us all; that you will immediately remove every hostile influence that you have in any other nation. And that forever, you will ensure, that within your borders no one plans, or assembles, any means to injure or disadvantage another nations people, ever again. And that you will go from here, without delay, and employ all that it takes within your nation to do this now, and forever. Thus, making our world a SAFER place for us all.

Now, to make this world a BETTER place, I respectfully say: Let every nation unite to form a combined resource; in a new project, [a special "new project" created by the UN] that will act immediately. First going to the most impoverished nation in the world; with us all gifting resources (without strings attached); Dedicated to helping that nation quickly establish sustainable industry and trade (and, whatever else they require); So that they can stand independent of aid; Having the means to perpetuate their own future.
And, after fixing the poorest nation, let us all go immediately to the second poorest nation, working like a great team of doctors in an emergency ward, starting with the most critical, and continuing until we heal every nation in the world. Resulting in a DECENTRALISED world; Full of flourishing nations and cultures; All vastly different from each other; With diverse sustainable economies; Based on their own assets and not on debt; Caring for their own part of the environment. Each, forever able to benefit themselves; and contribute to raising the global standard of living. Thus, making the whole world a BETTER place for us all.

And in closing: If you were not raised up to do these great things, then WHAT use is your assembly? And, if this is not going to be done in the UN, WHERE is it going to be done? And, if you will not do this now, after what has happened over the last ten years, then WHEN will you do these things?
Therefore, I URGE you, our world leaders, to step up today, and stand forever, as the civilised heroes we need you to be, to secure this future, for our world, on behalf of all mankind. And become the most courageous and effective assembly of leaders ever in the history of this world.

Thank You :-)