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Keynote Speaker

The background story . . .

I grew up as a hardworking farm boy in remote New Zealand
and went on to cut it in some of the biggest cities around the world;

My father was my best mate
and I am counted by my son as great company;

I grew up loving hunting and fishing
and I am now a happy vegetarian;

From the age of 7 years old I trained martial art and Tai-Chi
and over the last 30 years, I have singlehandedly turned everything I learned into a non-profit organisation that has taught over 37,000 young people character development and moral ethics – producing 10 Masters who stand in their own right, having their own autonomous schools;

I left school as a non-academic
and everything I have done ever since has required me to write and use mathematical equations;

I was trained as a long-range precision rifleman
and in early adulthood turned around and became a mission-focused businessman and enterprise achiever . . . and now I am at heart a social entrepreneur.

I built my own business systems, and enterprise development methods; and I created my own money recapitalization systems (which I call, creating a money-stack); And, I perfected a financial targeting system that is based directly upon: the current activities vs the current performance.

On the one hand, I have a real passion for making money – while on the other hand I have extensive experience in building and servicing charitable organizations and Not-For-Profit Groups.

And, since I was 18 years old, every year, on my birthday, I chose to study a new subject, which I study for that year. Ranging from: studying the life of Albert Einstein; to learning lawn bowls; to tailoring; hang-gliding; even to studying the content management system (CMS), called Drupal, which I used to build this website.

So, what does all this mean as a keynote speaker?
Well, aside from business and enterprise development, and being extremely morally focused, I am able speak from a background that has its roots in some of the harshest experiences anyone is likely to meet – from how to survive and succeed against some of the toughest odds; to being entrusted with responsibilities greater than I ever have imagined.
As a result I have great friendships - being counted as a friend by people far greater and different than myself.

Ending up with me growing a HUGE community conscience . . .

. . . all of which gives me good foot, head, and heart space to speak from