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Peoples views of Arthur CUNNINGHAM

WHAT I DID: I asked people to write a paragraph or two on “THEIR” view of me, as they know me to be. What I am like, possibly as a: mentor, teacher, business systems creator, solutions provider, helper, or just as a person . . . whatever capacity they know me best. Here are the views I received:   PLEASE NOTE: Upon engagement and negotiation, if required, I will provide the contact details to the relevant people amongst those who have provided these views of me, for you to contact and openly discuss their experience with me.

View ONE:

If there is one event you will not forget in your life, both personally and professionally, it is the day you meet Arthur Cunningham. It is a meeting that is full of surprises; where Arthur's keen assessment of your personal substance and your business understanding leaves you knowing you just met some-one of immense worth and significance. From that day forth, you won't think in the same linear way and Arthur's insight will guide you on the track to reaching your full potential.

View TWO:

For all of his personal success, knowledge, experiences, intelligence and remarkable business skills; he remains humble and grounded in his approach to life, which, I believe, is one of the key ingredients to his success. I am inspired by Arthur’s understanding of and compassion for people from all walks of life; he has a genuine interest in people and takes every new meeting as an opportunity to learn about that person's motivations, life-views and experiences and knows the value of these learnings for succeeding in business. This personal disposition and the business tools that he provides (refined over years of business achievement and challenges) will reveal the world as your oyster and you will say, as I have on many occasions, 'I have waited a long time to meet my Mentor. The day I met Arthur was one of my luckiest'....


Arthur Cunningham is the person with the skills to build the task based plan. He is the leader with eyes full of objective knowhow. He is the one with the answers to the financial growth side of the equations that stand between you and your goals. He is the mentor who focuses on your aspirations and makes them come true. He is that man who kindly but firmly mentors you to make it all happen.

View FOUR:

Arthur Cunningham is a surprising man.
He is someone you need – even if you don’t think you need anyone.
. . . written by the initial creator of one of the biggest projects that I have ever worked on

View FIVE:

In our own heads we all have an inner voice. We’d like to think of it as being a voice of vision and logic, a compass to guide us through the sometimes treacherous decisions we face. That inner voice is a product of our own lives and experiences. Imagine what an advantage it would be to have an extra voice to help guide you, a voice that sees the world in a completely different way. That is what being mentored by Arthur is like.
Where you can see a map with several different choices, Arthur sees an atlas of the world with a clear and progressive path that will take you where you need to be.
Your inner voice will be momentarily speechless as you listen to Arthur cut through the mists of indecision, as he teaches you how to see clearly, how to plan effectively and how to achieve boldly. Arthur Cunningham can give you a key to help you unlock the best of your potential as a leader and a creator.
If I had to describe Arthur in one sentence. “He is a great awakener on all levels.”

View SIX:

Let Arthur show you systems that can extend your enterprise with a courageous and confident but doable approach, enabling you to recognize and take advantage of each and every opportunity you have.
In our case, his systems have been proven over and over to be able to stabilize and energize our company. His systems are the product of “outside the box” thinking, taking advantage of years of experience allowing him to create individualized approaches that will eliminate any weak points and continually take advantage of your strengths and opportunities.


Sometimes in business, as in life, choices can lead to situations that will challenge even the best of us. Finding solutions that prevent our business from reaching critical mass seemed impossible when we were locked in a struggle for viability.
Arthur Cunningham came with the ability to quickly and accurately assess our situation. He recognized the issues, identified the specific problems, categorized and prioritized the risks and focused "us" upon creating a solution tailored specifically to our business.
Working with Arthur literally saved us and the direction of our company.
Today we are better able to avoid the pitfalls in areas where we were once blind. In the end we are stronger than we were before and we are making better decisions towards our future as it unfolds.


So, what’s it like having Arthur Cunningham on your side?
It feels like someone has given you a present, something you didn’t know you wanted, and now you can’t imagine how you got along without it.
How did we NOT know how much easier things could be?
If only we’d had him with us before.

View NINE:

Having Arthur working with you can certainly be an intense experience, but the journey will be one that will surprise you at every turn.
Why? Well, Arthur just plain thinks differently.
He has the ability to see the forest and the trees.
And the land. And the farmer. And the greenie. And the logger. And the papermaker. And the novelist who will ultimately write a bestselling paperback novel. All written and marketed in a way that saves the forest, the farmer, the greenie, the logger, the papermaker, the novelist, and ultimately every reader. All of this, when most of us have trouble with the forest and the trees.

View TEN:

There is an excitement about working with Arthur. You come to him with a problem, and he will quickly come back to you with the essence of the solution. Something for both of you to work on together to create the final fix. The amazing thing is, over time, you begin to realize Arthur is as unique as your problems require him to be. He is easy to work with and inspiring to be around. But I would have to say, most of all it is special to be cared for by him.


If you have an idea, Arthur can help you take it from inception to reality. And if you choose, that reality may be even bigger than you had ever thought possible. His excitement will be genuine and infectious as he helps you to discover the true scope of your idea, gently encouraging you to find new pathways, which you would have never dreamed. But it was the down-to-earth simple step-by-step plan of how to achieve our dreams that was the big wow for us!


He will be honest with you, and candid with you, but he will be there every step of the way with support and encouragement. He will not just throw you in the deep end with a “how to swim” booklet and walk away. This is a man of integrity who will form a true relationship with you and your project, maintaining passion and focus with a sincere desire to have you succeed.
Arthur Cunningham will guide you without preaching, he will help you build your own dreams, and then show you how you can make them come true in ways simpler than you could have ever imagined. If it had not happened to me, I would not have believed it was possible.


I have worked alongside Arthur Cunningham for over 20 years.
I have NEVER had plans of working with anyone else.


Working with Arthur is a very rewarding experience. He is focused and determined, sharp and creative. He holds himself accountable for the words he says and the actions he makes. Like clockwork he delivers at every step, one after the other. In our team Arthur is the one who plays this consistent well timed rhythm of plan-action-results keeping the rest of the team engaged and right on the key. Even when one of the members drops the tone or forgets to turn their microphone on, the track keeps going strong as the steady and undisturbed drum paves the way.


Arthur has this incredible ability of sharing his knowledge in a direct but subtle way, so that those who listen with an open mind will forever benefit. He is demanding and inquisitive, but very considerate of others.
In many ways he is strict and in control, but in every way he is understanding and assertive. Arthur is a great team player, a person of character and charisma. He is trusted, respected and much appreciated by all who have any meaningful contact with him.


Arthur Cunningham is a remarkable man of inner strength and principles.
Artist, Martial Art Master and the most creative business man we have ever met. His open mind and ability to conceive and implement some of the most challenging solutions is leading us through a series of successful endeavors in the world of business and high finance where his expertise is highly regarded by us.
His wide range of personal skills including strategic, organization and management are being utilized in the creation of a very unique yet powerful business structure for our group. Arthur's office is to revolutionize the existing way our products are being marketed, sold, managed and serviced.

His contribution to the creation of our groups companies and their continual growth is fundamental and immeasurable as he continues to deliver astounding ideas, possibilities and least expected, and therefore, unique ways of growing our capital. We cannot afford to be without him.


On that first meeting you may walk in feeling slightly unsure, but by the time you leave you will know you have found the right person. Someone who has focus and drive to see your venture through to the end. More and more, as time and events are engaged, you are more and more self-assured that he is the right man to help you get your venture completed. Months after it is all finished you will still feel in yourself that you did choose the best person to help you.
Arthur Cunningham was the best for us and the best for our business.
And do you know what? We had a ball along the way. Who knew developing our business could be such fun?

PLEASE NOTE: The identities of all my mentee's and their activities and associations remain highly confidential; with them only being brought into your confidence on a need to know basis, with their permission – as will be yours.